Neodymium iron boron 018

Product number: 018

Product size: D22.5X6.2X3.5X3MM

Product coating: NICUNI

Product performance: N35UH

Features: Coating thickness 15 microns, PCT 48 hours, smoke test 108 hours

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01. Introduction to neodymium iron boron


Neodymium iron boron magnet is a magnet with outstanding performance in rare earth permanent magnet materials. It is an alloy magnet composed of neodymium, iron, boron, and other trace elements and made through powder metallurgy process. Neodymium iron boron magnets have high remanence, high coercivity, and high magnetic energy product. And it has excellent mechanical processing performance. So neodymium iron boron magnets are called powerful magnets.

The surface of neodymium iron boron magnets has poor resistance to oxidation and corrosion, so electroplating treatment is usually required on the surface. The electroplating types of Jinneodymium Magnet Company include phosphating, gold, silver, zinc, nickel copper nickel, epoxy resin, and so on.

Neodymium iron boron magnets are a new generation of rare earth permanent magnets, with the main component being rare earth metals. In the fierce market competition, Jinneodymium Magnet Company mainly targets customers in the fields of motors, electroacoustics, medical devices, etc., continuously exploring and developing.

02. Production process of neodymium iron boron

The production process of neodymium iron boron magnets: ingredient melting powder pressing sintering performance testing mechanical processing inspection packaging delivery after-sales service.


03. Performance details of neodymium iron boron


04. Introduction to neodymium iron boron coating



1. The effect of salt spray varies due to different electroplating processes. The salt spray test effect of roller plating (small products) is generally better than that of hanging plating products (large size products).

2. Salt spray test (SST) conditions: 5% sodium chloride solution, 35 ℃ temperature, continuous spray for a certain hour, whether there is corrosion on the coating surface.

3. Pressure test (PCT) conditions: Check the adhesion of the coating at 2 atmospheres, 95% relative humidity, and 121 ℃ temperature. Galvanizing, epoxy, passivation, and phosphating do not undergo pressure testing.

4. The inspection methods for coating quality include drop test, cross cut test, quenching and heating test, constant temperature and humidity test, etc.

05. Physical properties of neodymium iron boron


06. Neodymium iron boron curve


07. Magnetic and Physical Properties of NdFeB Formed by Bonding and Pressing


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