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01. Introduction to Aluminum Nickel Cobalt Magnets


Aluminum nickel cobalt magnet is an alloy composed of metal aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, and other trace elements. There are two different production processes for aluminum nickel cobalt permanent magnets: casting and sintering. The casting process can be processed and produced into different sizes and shapes; Compared with the casting process, sintered products are limited to small dimensions, and the dimensional tolerance of the produced blanks is better than that of the cast products. The magnetic properties are slightly lower than that of the cast products, but the machinability is better. Aluminum nickel cobalt has strong rust resistance and does not require electroplating treatment on the surface.

Our aluminum nickel cobalt magnet products have stable performance and good quality. Mainly used in various motors, household appliances, and electroacoustic products. Looking forward to working with you, welcome to inquire by phone.

02. Production process of aluminum nickel cobalt magnets


03. Performance Details of Aluminum Nickel Cobalt Magnets


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